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Network Topology Generation via Temporal Patterns of Node Activity and Inactivity(in Japanese)
  Kei Ohnishi, Masato Uchida, Yuji Oie
  Technical Report of IEICE, IN2006-129, Vol.106, No.420, pp.91--96 2006 / 12
  In this paper we proposes a method for generating network topologies, which focuses on that nodes capable of interacting with each other are present within a communicable area at the same moment as in natural network generation. In the proposed method, nodes become a state that they can make links to other nodes (active state) at their own cycle times, and randomly make links to other nodes that are also active. Simulation results show that when cycle times of N nodes are random integers within [1, C], networks with N nodes generated by the proposed method become closer to power-law ones with the value of C on average. From the results, we discuss the role of temporal patterns of node activity in generating power-law network topologies.

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