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Performance analysis of power saving effect of target tracking sensors with consideration of moving behavior(in Japanese)
  Yujiro Harada, Yutaka Yahiro, Hitomi Tamura, Kenji Kawahara, Yuji Oie
  Technical Report of IEICE, IN2006-7, pp.37-42, (18 May 2006, Tokyo) 2006 / 5
  In general, sensor network is constructed by a huge number of sensors, so that these sensors are battery-operated and power saving is taken into consideration in order to increase the lifetime of each sensor and the capability as sensor network. For this purpose, in target tracking sensor networks, each sensor changes its state to Active when it tracks some target while it keeps its state Sleep, in which power consumption is relatively low, without tracking any target. However, if some target is only tracked by the nearest sensor to the target, the power consumption of each sensor becomes imbalanced according to the moving behavior of the target. In this study, we assume the moving behavior of the target as discrete random walk in the one-dimensional sensor network and we derive the distribution of the power consumption of sensors by using M/M/1/K queueing model. Furthermore, in order to relieve the imbalance of the power consumption, we propose the tracking technique in which target tracking sensor is changed from the nearest sensor to some of the neighboring ones with some probability and analytically evaluate the proposed technique by extending M/M/1/K queueing model.

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