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Proposal and Evaluation of Multi-Point Surveillance algorithm for Moving Target in Wireless Sensor Networks(in Japanese)
  Hirofumi Ueda, Kazuya Tsukamoto, Hitomi Tamura, Kenji Kawahara, Yuji Oie, Tatsuya Suda
  IEICE Tech. Rep,vol. 106, no. 358, IN2006-90, pp. 7-12, November 2006 2006 / 11
  We consider the problem of moving target tracking in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). In WSN which consists of great number of sensors, their capability is limited to quite low performance because of their low cost. Therefore, it is important to satisfy flowing two requirements for the target tracking: (I) Multi-point surveillance with appropriate number of sensors that depends on the characteristics of applications and user requirement, (II)Dynamic switching and quick decision of monitoring sensors in response to the movement of target. Therefore, we propose multi-point surveillance scheme of moving target and evaluate its performance. Through the simulation experiments, we demonstrate that our proposed scheme can quickly and appropriately decide the monitoring sensors with low communication overhead in response to the movement of target, thereby maintaining high tracking probability even for the high speed target.

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