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Access Point Selection Strategy in Wireless Mesh Network(in Japanese)
  Takeshi Ohyabu, Yutaka Fukuda, Yuji Oie
  IEICE Technical Report, Vol. 106, No. 461, IN2006-161, pp. 139-144, 18-19 January 2007, Oita. 2007 / 1
  Multiple APs (Access Points) are required to accommodate a growing number of STAs (Stations) in wireless LANs. In the system that is widely deployed currently, each STA (Station) straightforwardly and autonomously selects its AP based upon received signal strength Indicator (RSSI). However, this can result in a concentration of STAs at specific APs, and thus degrade the fairness property in achievable throughput of each AP. We have already proposed a decentralized AP selection scheme in order to attain efficient and fair sharing of resources. However, the proposed scheme only considers the single-hop wireless LAN, in which APs are directly connected to a wired network, and does not take into account the multi-hop wireless LAN. Therefore, in this study, we modify our proposed scheme to wireless mesh network, and show that our scheme can improve the total throughput and fairness in STA throughput effectively.

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