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Power Saving Architecture with Link Aggregation on Ethernet Switch(in Japanese)
  Shinji Aibara, Yutaka Fukuda, Kenji Kawahara, Yuji Oie
  IEICE Technical Report, Vol. 106, No. 461, IN2006-147, pp. 55-60, 18 January 2007, Oita. 2007 / 1
  With rapid spread and speed up of the Internet, power consumption is also rising with increasing of the number of network equipment being used in the Internet backbone, so that power saving in Ethernet switch becomes a significant issue since. Hence, we have proposed a power saving architecture for Ethernet switch, in which its port turns on only it there are some packets in its buffer, and changes its status into the sleep mode immediately after the transfer has completed. However, in the core network, the utilization of switches/routers become relatively high and this architecture gives less influence in terms of power saving. Therefore, we propose an alternative power saving architecture with Link Aggregation on Ethernet switch; the number of active links among pre-established one between switches can be a controlled according to the amount of traffic, and evaluate performance of this architecture.

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