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Improvement of processing time and inference scheme for routing behaivor of control server in On-Line Simulation system
  Tsuyoshi Okubo
  Master’s thesis, Dept. of Computer Science and Electronics, Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology 2007 / 2
  As the amount of traffic transfered on the Internet are increasing, RIP (Routing Information Protocol) based routing makes some links congested due to the route selection with minimum hop to destination nodes of packets, whereas OSPF (Open Shortest Path Fast) can statically set link cost according to its utilization, so that it would relieve link congestion. For dynamic traffic engineering on OSPF-based networks, measurement of the utilization of links/nodes, inferring the set of link costs for improving transmission behavior and setting the cost set to routers are necessary and so-called On-Line Simulation (OLS) system can operate these functions periodically. So far, we have already construct the server prototype in OLS system and it is shown that the system can improve transmission behavior in the small-scale testbed network. In this paper, to apply OLS system to large-scale networks, we tune the server prototype for speed up the control cycle and investigate the cost setting scheme for transmitting traffic more effectively.
  QoS routing, Other

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