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Code Optimization for Packet Filters
  Yoshiyuki Yamashita, Masato Tsuru
  Proc. IEEE/IPSJ SAINT2007 workshops, CD-ROM, 4 pages. (Hiroshima, Japan, Jan 2007) 2007 / 1
  To make software-based packet filters so fast that could work even in suffering from DOS attacks, the authors are challenging to effectively combine both the higher-level optimization relating to algorithmic structure adapted to the input packet sequence and the lower-level one relating to acceleration techniques in compiler study. In this paper, we focus on the lower-level (machine code) optimization using software-pipelining, and report preliminary experimental results indicating that our approach has great potential to accelerate packet filter performance. Our code optimization achieves more than ten times higher performance compared with a conventional interpreter-based packet filter for each of seven typical fragments of packet filter rules.

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