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Proposal of Novel Routing Algorithm for Multi-Channel Multi-Interface Wireless Mesh Networks(in Japanese)
  Koji Tsubouchi, Takeshi Ikenaga, Yutaka Fukuda, Yuji Oie
  IEICE Technical Report, Vol. 106, No. 578, IN2006-232, pp. 309-314, 7-9 March 2007, Okinawa. 2007 / 3
  According to the spreading of the wireless LAN, Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) will be much more likely to be available there since it can easily provide the wide range of coverage for stations. In the WMN, dynamic channel switching system has proposed that wireless mesh router adopts multiple interfaces and dynamically changes the channel in order to send the packet to the destination. However, channel switching delay can not negligible, thus the existing routing protocol such as RIP or OLSR can not use the wireless resource sufficiently in this context. Therefore, we propose the novel routing protocol, which considers the dynamic channel switching system with the channel switching delay. From simulation results, the proposed architecture can attain the excellent performance compared with the existing routing protocols.
  QoS routing, Mobile, Wireless

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