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Implementation of Grid Network Services Cooperating with Grid Middleware(in Japanese)
  Katsuichi Nakamura, Yoshio Aoyagi, Takeshi Ikenaga, Yuji Oie
  Technical Report of IEICE, vol.106, no.578, IN2006-260, pp.477-482, (2007.3.7-9, Okinawa) 2007 / 3
  In a grid computing environment, the grid middleware handles the grid resource management, such as computing resource and network resource and so on. The grid middleware has been proposed and developed for the efficient and distributed processing of grid applications. On the other hand, the network management system has also proposed and developed for managing routing and network resource allocation and scheduling based on network monitoring information while cooperating with the grid middleware. Therefore, we investigated the grid network functions, which are required from grid applications, and we designed the grid network service framework and developed the system, which is based on our framework. In this paper, we introduce our proposed framework and developed grid network management system. Moreover, we discuss the network service functions cooperating with grid middleware.

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