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Handover Management based on the Number of Frame Retransmissions for TCP over WLANs
  Kazuya Tsukamoto, Shigeru Kashihara, Yuji Oie
  Proc. consumer communications & networking conference (CCNC2007), CD-ROM, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA 2007 / 1
  In ubiquitous networks based on Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs), mobile nodes (MNs) will experience performance degradation at the handover. To achieve seamless and efficient communication, it is necessary for the MNs to satisfy the following three requirements: (I) initiation of handover processes based upon quick perception of the change in the wireless link quality, (II) elimination of a communication interruption due to handover processes, (III) selection of an optimal WLAN. In this paper, we propose a unified handover management scheme for TCP communication that can satisfy all of the above three requirements. Our proposed scheme employs both a cross-layer approach for obtaining the number of frame retransmissions to satisfy (I) and (III) and multi-homing to satisfy (II). Through simulation experiments, we demonstrate that our proposed scheme can quickly and reliably perceive the deterioration of the wireless link quality and select the optimal WLAN without communication interruption due to the handover process, thereby maintaining the best TCP performance at the handover.
  Mobile, Transport protocol, Wireless

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