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A Distributed Flow Monitoring Tool using Network Processor
  Yoshinori Kitatsuji, Satoshi Katsuno, Katsuyuki Yamazaki, Masato Tsuru, Yuji Oie
  Proceedings of 2007 International Symposium on Applicationa and the Internet Technology Workshops (SAINT¥’07), CD-ROM 4 pages, Hiroshima, Jan 2007 2007 / 1
  There is an emerging requirement for real-time flow-based traffic monitoring, which is vital for quality of service (QoS) monitoring, anomaly monitoring, and traffic engineering in Internet Service Provider networks. In this report, we discuss a distributed architecture for real-time and scalable flow monitoring tools and implement a proto-type tool using Network Processor (NP). The contributions of the present paper are two-folds. First, we clarify the elemental functions that are required and commonly used by passive flow monitoring tools, and refine a distribution-processing architecture for combining these functions based on our previous work in order to cope with heavy-load input traffic. Second, we implement the packet distribution component, which plays a core role and might be a bottleneck in the proposed architecture, by using pipeline-mode NP hardware, and experimentally prove its applicability to 10 Gbit/s-class input traffic.
  Measurement, Other

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